WordPress Summit - Zero to Hero Edition

The main objective of this course is for anyone, even a beginner, to learn how to become a WordPress hero in just a few days, without any technical jargon. We promise you that after completing this course, you will have everything you need to create a responsive, beautiful WordPress website using the latest version of WordPress.


  • No prerequisite knowledge is required
  • An internet-connected computer is required.
  • WordPress does not require any coding knowledge.

Course Content

Welcome to our introduction class on navigating the dynamic world of website functionality. We'll unravel the intricacies of how websites work, exploring the fundamental components that contribute to seamless user experiences and efficient online operations.

  • What is domain?
  • Where to purchase a domain?
  • How to purchase a domain?
  • How to point a domain with hosting?
  • What is hosting?
  • Where to purchase a hosting?
  • How to purchase a hosting?
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Installing WordPress on your computer
  • Installing WordPress on a Web Host
  • First look around WordPress dashboard
  • WordPress settings
  • Installing themes and plugins
  • Learn about installed plugins
  • Introduction to page builder
  • Creating a WordPress page
  • Creating a header and footer
  • Fundamentals of UI
  • Introduction to colours and fonts
  • Learn where to get inspiration
  • Starting to build a webpage
  • Integrating pages with navigation

Join our WordPress Q&A session to gain valuable insights and enhance your skills. Unlock the potential of your website by getting expert answers and guidance in our collaborative completion class.

What you get

Hard Copy Certificate

Developer Badge

Course Mentor

Pacificcreation CEO

Sanjay Kumaran A

Founder & CEO
(30+ WordPress Projects Experience)

84% off

₹799/- incl GST

₹ 5000 + GST

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