About Us

Our Vision

At Pacific Creation, we help students all over the world develop practical skills in Robotics & IoT.

The curriculum in schools and colleges does not have enough time to develop the much-needed practical exposure. Pacific Creation helps students overcome this challenge and develop these practical skills very easily.

Students can enroll in our online courses, receive kit(s)/ software tools at their doorstep and build projects.
Pacific Creation platform helps students to pick projects of their interest and build real working projects from their homes via online courses or directly from our experts by joining our classroom programs.

Through such project building experience, students will learn to solve real problems by applying technology - and become much better engineers.

Our views are broad!

We can try to deliver knowledge among students via skill development programs. It'll improve their Technology skills to find the optimal solution for real-world problems.

  • Skill Developement
  • Python Training
  • Robotics 
  • IoT Projects
  • Product Development
  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Consultation
"Student Entrepreneur"

Our Founder

Sanjay Kumaran

CEO / Founder

Mr. Sanjay Kumaran is the founder of Pacific Creation!, A young Electronics enthusiast who is passionate about Robotics & IoT, wishes to take that technology to people in an easier and understandable way.

Now, He is doing his Electronics and Communication Engineering degree in Tamilnadu’s one of the reputed Colleges. During his college days, he guided a lot of Electronics and IoT-related projects and  won a lot of prizes & appreciation from various Tech Companies. He has a great vision of future forecasting in the field of IoT & Robotics. So he wants to contribute something to the student society in which he grew up.

Before getting the Degree, His college proud to announce the “Student Entrepreneur Award” to appreciate his great vision and activities.

He came here to spread the knowledge about the future technology to the student’s society. So he took this as his passion and founded Pacific Creation.