Refund policy

At our company, we believe in our product quality, but we know it might not suit everyone all the time. If you want a refund, just contact us. Here are the refund conditions:

Eligibility for Refund:
1. You bought the product in the last 7 days.
2. If you installed the template and it doesn’t match the description, you can get a refund.
3. If there’s a problem that can’t be fixed and it makes the template unusable, you can get a refund.
4. If you have trouble installing or using basic functions, we’ll consider your refund request.
5. You need to contact our support team to try to solve the issue or explain why the template won’t work for you.
6. If we agree to a refund, you must remove the template from your site.

Refund Conditions:
1. Refunds are given at our discretion.

Ineligibility for Refund:
1. If you downloaded a template but changed your mind or don’t want it anymore, you can’t get a refund.
2. If the template doesn’t meet your expectations, you can’t get a refund.
3. No refunds for purchases made by mistake.
4. If you don’t have the skills to use the template, you can’t get a refund.
5. If you’re eligible for a refund but don’t give enough info to support it, you won’t get a refund.
6. If you can’t access the template because it’s removed and you didn’t save it, you can’t get a refund.

By buying a template, you agree to this refund policy. You also give up any right to challenge this policy or take legal action against our company. We’re not responsible for changes in exchange rates between your purchase and refund times.